• Share rigorous research and employer best practices on workplace effectiveness and flexibility;
  • Inspire local employers to create more effective and flexible workplaces to benefit both business and employees; and
  • Recognize exemplary employers through the When Work Works Award and local community events.

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When Work Works Award

California HR Professionals can donate to the Foundation in several ways:

  1. Use the link to the SHRM Foundation for information to donate via mail or online: https://www.shrm.org/foundation/pages/default.aspx

  2. Participate in the fundraising event at the California Legislative & HR Conference in April

  3. Participate in a local/affiliate chapters fundraising events

The SHRM Foundation champions workforce and workplace transformation by providing scholarships to educate and develop HR professionals and students to make change happen. These scholarships are made possible through generous donations of people like you!  You can contribute online at shrmfoundation.org/donate.

In 2019, the SHRM Foundation will award more than $500,000 in certification, academic and professional development scholarships and grant to HR professionals and students. We encourage all eligible SHRM, student and chapter and state council members to apply for one or more of the scholarships or awards.  To view the list of available scholarships visit shrmfoundation.org/scholarships.

When Work Works partners with communities and states around the country to:

Sponsor California State Council of SHRM

Integrating & Engaging Veterans in the Workforce

about the Foundation  

The SHRM Foundation is focused on championing workforce and workplace transformation and inspiring HR professionals to make it happen.  Access a suite of digital resources designed to help professionals address and support the aging workforce in their organizations and communities.  Join us in challenging aging workforce myths and make a difference in your organization. Visit shrmfoundation.org/aginginitative for complimentary tips, videos and easy-to-apply resources.

As part of a multi-year initiative, the SHRM Foundation is supporting research and developing resources to provide practical solutions for hiring and retaining veterans at firms  of all sizes and in all sectors.   Visit shrmfoundation.org/veteraninitative to access hiring FAQs, reports and other easy-to-use resources including the new guidebook,The Recruitment, Hiring, Retention & Engagement of Military Veterans. 

When Work Works is a national initiative, led by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), to help businesses of all sizes and types become more successful by transforming the way they view and adopt effective and flexible workplaces. When Work Works is one of the foremost providers of resources, rigorous research and best practices on workplace effectiveness and flexibility in the nation. Practices such as telecommuting, flextime, part-time work, job sharing, transition to retirement, and compressed schedules help employees meet their work and life responsibilities and help employers respond to the competitive global marketplace. Effective and flexible workplace strategies boost productivity, increase employee morale, lower turnover and absenteeism, and lower overhead costs.

CalSHRM is honored to be a When Work Works Community Partner. As the major outreach arm of the initiative, Community Partners connect community leaders from business, media and government to create change and make the community case for effective and flexible workplaces. Learn More!

SHRM Foundation  Scholarships 

When Work Works

Aging Workforce Strategy

Supporting initiatives that support you!

SHRM Foundation  Initiatives 

​​The SHRM Foundation is a values-based charity organization whose mission is to champion workforce and workplace transformation by providing research-based HR solutions for challenging inclusion issues facing current and potential employees, scholarships to educate and develop HR professionals to make change happen and opportunities for HR professionals to make a difference in their local communities. The SHRM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizational affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management.  For more information about The SHRM Foundationclick here

The WWW Award program is national in scope, and recognizes model employers of all types and sizes across the U.S. for their innovative and effective workplace practices. It is a worksite-based award honoring organizations that are using workflex as a strategy to make work work better—for both the employer and the employee. 

Employers benefit by just applying for the WWW Award. All applicants receive a free customized benchmarking report comparing their effective and flexible workplace practices to a nationally representative sample of U.S. employers and to award winners.

CalSHRM encourage all SHRM affiliate chapters and members to donate and volunteer with the SHRM Foundation and support the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative in your community.  We are proud to be a When Work Works Community Partner, and to support the other SHRM Foundation initiatives including Integrating & Engaging Veterans in the Workforce and The Aging Workforce Strategy